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E32 E35 drive sprocket undercarriage for mini excavator bobcat

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Machinery Repair Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Construction works, Energy & Mining
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Crawler Excavator/Bulldozer
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Excavator sprocket, drive sprocket
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Surface Hardness

main feature:

1. sprocket is through quench-tempering process guarantees excellent mechanical properties, high strength, and superior wear resistance to bending and breakage.
2. surface hardness of the sprocket is HRC50-60 for reduced wear and longer life, adding value to your products further to your business by maximizing the durability of your products. the sprocket has a precise design, carefully manufactured for proper fix easy grousing heavy loaded capacity up to 50tons without compromising the proper functioning of the excavators reliable quality

How Drive Sprockets Work

The drive sprocket is connected to the final drive motor (aka track drive), so when the drive motor turns, the sprocket turns as well. As the sprocket turns, its teeth engage with the track links, causing the track to move in a continuous loop—just like the sprocket on a bicycle engages the chain to turn the wheel. The teeth of the drive sprocket act much like gear teeth when they mesh with the track, but if you examine the teeth closely, you’ll see that they don’t look like standard gear teeth.

How Drive Sprockets are Attached

The sprockets are in one piece for smaller machines such as compact track loaders and mini-excavators. On larger devices, such as full-size bulldozers, the sprockets usually come in two segments. This makes it easier to remove/install the sprocket. In either case, the sprockets are bolted to the final drive motor and because the number of bolt holes on sprockets can vary, it is a good idea to check that the number of sprocket bolt holes matches up with the bolt holes on your track drive motor. Failure to do so will mean ordering the wrong final drive track motor.


Drive sprockets weren’t always designed to be bolted on. At one time they were welded onto the final drive motor and had to be cut off when they were replaced. Eventually, welded-on adapters were installed, allowing the sprocket to be bolted on, and more modern designs use the run approach altogether.

When someone sends in a final drive motor for us to take a look at or rebuild/reman,  we advise them to remove the sprocket. We don’t need the sprocket in place to evaluate the motor and the added weight (which can be significant) unnecessarily increases your shipping costs.

Drive sprocket – what role does it play in an excavator?

Many times we will find drive sprockets under the name Drive Star. It is a profiled wheel with teeth that mesh with the track. In the case of a tracked vehicle, the electric gears may be located at the front or the rear of the vehicle, or both in some cases. There may also be a third shelf, raised, that drives the track. In fact, it’s hard to imagine a working tracked undercarriage without a working drive sprocket and idler. The drive sprocket is made of high-quality steel and hardened. The process is designed to obtain the greatest possible abrasion resistance.

Continuous track

It is a mechanism that allows vehicles to move using tracks. They increase the contact surface of the vehicle with the ground – reduce the unit pressure and improve the road passability. The caterpillars are of course used in excavators, but also in tanks,  bulldozers, and armored personnel carriers. In general, tracks are used on machines that maneuver over unrestrained surfaces. The basic track system consists of an endless track belt that surrounds the load wheels. Most designs include a track drive wheel and a guide wheel separately. Additionally, support rollers, as well as a tension wheel, can be used. The figure on the right shows a diagram of an example of a caterpillar track system:

1. track roller
2. carrier roller
3. front idler
4. sprocket
5. track link
6. final drive

A vehicle with tracks is driven by a rotating drive wheel. This wheel, meshing with the belt, puts it in motion. The part of the track located above the wheels moves in the direction of the vehicle’s movement, and the lower part cuts along the ground creating a paved track for the road wheels moving along it with the entire vehicle. The undoubted advantage of the crawler track system is the improvement of the vehicle’s ability to operate in difficult terrain conditions. All thanks to the aforementioned reduced pressure unit, which reduces the sink and the slip of the vehicle.

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