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As one of leading chain sprocket manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of products, We offer chain sprocket and many other products.

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Silent Chain Sprockets

Silent chain sprockets and their associated chains are designed to transmit high power at high speeds. They are much quieter than a typical sprocket system due to their rolling and little sliding mechanism of action. Paired with a chain, they are used in conveying transmitting power between rotating shafts that are at center distances too long for one set of gears. For more details, pls do not hesitate to ask us!

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Chain Sprocket

A broken industrial chain sprocket can stop your machine from running. Many machines cannot operate without drive sprockets, and replacing them can cost a lot of time and money. Furthermore, the performance of a conveyor or drive depends on the interaction of the sprocket chain. Using the right sprocket is just as important as choosing the right chain. At  Chains sprocket, we offer a wide selection of standard roller chain sprockets at unbeatable prices. Our sprockets are engineered to perform well under pressure and to last. The roller chain sprockets sold in this store include single-strand roller sprockets, double-strand roller sprockets and multi-strand roller sprockets. Additionally, our drive sprockets meet ANSI and ASME standards.

We believe that when you buy industrial sprockets in our store, you will be happy because they will last a long time. If you are not sure which sprockets your machine needs, please feel free to call us. Our knowledgeable staff, quality products and unbeatable prices are the reasons for our A+ BBB rating!

Are components worn?

If damage to the sprocket or chain appears, it is obviously time to replace the part. But we recommend that you don’t stop there, but continue to investigate and determine the cause of your part damage. Some damage is inevitable over time, but if your parts wear out quickly, more digging is required. You need to correct problems to keep the system running smoothly over time.
Some examples of obvious damage: worn sprockets, pins or bushing damage, manifested as elongation, and side plate bending. If the side plates are bent, the chain may not be able to articulate and therefore may not freely engage and disengage the sprockets during operation. Also, if the sprocket is in poor shape, the sprocket chain power may become unviable. (We’ll go into more detail below.)


Once you’ve ruled out visible damage and replaced any worn parts, the next step is to lubricate. Proper lubrication is critical to a well-running chain drive for a number of reasons, including mitigating chain sticking.

Frozen or stuck chains will stick. Chains of any degree of corrosion can stick. When moving parts rust or corrode, they become difficult to move. Of course, this hurts efficiency, but more importantly, it also causes premature wear of all components. Fortunately, both of these problems can be almost eliminated with good lubrication.

Avoid using heavy or viscous grease when lubricating chain drives. They don’t penetrate the chain and reach critical internal pin and bushing surfaces because they are so thick. They are also prone to accumulating contaminants that can accelerate wear and possibly create bonds. Heavy grease will make it harder for the roller chain to wrap around the sprockets and work the way it should. Stick with light oil and a comprehensive lubrication system suitable for chain speed. Of course, follow a regular maintenance schedule.


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