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When Due to our wide product range and rich experiences in this industry, we are confident to provide our customers flexible and diversified services.corrosion- and wear-resistant coiled tubing injector roller chain & sprocket assemblies for the oil and gas industries. Available in single and double pitch drive chain & sprocket types with various sizes and power rating. Features include zinc-nickel and non-hexavalent chromate protective exterior coating, electrochemically bonded, and interference fit cover plates.you need a lightw8 option for your pulley system, turn to the A70 V-belt from ept Roller Chain & Sprocket. It weighs less than a half-pound, which means less strain on your pulley arrangement. The materials aren’t compromised for this feature either. Trust in the styrene-butadiene rubber, or SBR, alongside natural rubber that make up the main bulk of this A70 belt. The hidden cord is made of high-strength polyester. With this belt in motion, productivity just comes naturally on your production or machinery line.

The 72-inch mower belt is designed to withstand everyday stresses so that your system can work at optimal speeds. ARPM standards are met with every A70 4L720 belt. Uniformity is important in our industry. Whether you’re ordering a single unit or placing a bulk order, each 72-inch drive belt is identical. Find your parts within ept Roller Chain & Sprocket’s stock today.

A70 V-Belt Construction:

  • Cover – High-quality cotton/ polyester blend
  • Compound – Natural rubber/ styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR)
  • Cord – High-strength polyester

Note: We also have Cogged V-Belts

China roller chain and sprocket A70 V-Belt - A-Section 72

China roller chain and sprocket A70 V-Belt - A-Section 72

China roller chain and sprocket A70 V-Belt - A-Section 72